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Harriet Schechter, Attorney At Law, has extensive experience in the appellate process.  If a judge has made a decision that you believe is wrong, or if you have won your case and the losing party appeals, you will need experienced, vigorous representation on appeal.

Handling appeals in the Massachusetts court system is a specialty.  Harriet Schechter, Attorney At Law, has handled many appeals with success:

  • In Adoption of Gregory, the Supreme Judicial Court held that the Americans with Disabilities Act is not a defense in termination of parental rights proceedings.          
  • In Mansur v. Vinal, the Appeals Court upheld the trial court ruling ending a father’s child support obligation where the son engaged in a full-time continuous course of study, but the son failed, withdrew or received incomplete grades in at least eight courses.  The support obligation ended at the date of the son's originally anticipated graduation date.   
  • In O’Connell v. Greenwood, the Appeals Court upheld the trial court ruling that found a mother in contempt for refusing to allow visitation and commented that joint legal custody requires parents with a commitment to cooperation.
  • In Adoption of Jerrold, the Appeals Court sent the case back to the Juvenile Court for further proceedings where a parent proved that he had obtained success drug treatment and was not presently unfit.

I offer affordable rates and limited assistance representation. To set up a free consultation to discuss your case, contact Harriet Schechter, Attorney At Law, 781-721-4499 or email me atharriet@harrietschechterlaw.com.


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