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Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

Many people who appear in the Probate and Family Court choose to represent themselves.  Since divorce, custody, child support, alimony, division of assets and removal matters can affect you and your children for a very long time, you may want to reconsider total self-representation. 

Limited Assistance Representation allows you to retain counsel for any part of your case where you believe you need assistance.  For instance, a client may retain the attorney for the limited purpose of drafting pleadings or representing the client at a specific hearing or only to prepare for trial. The client is considered self-represented and the attorney’s appearance in the case is limited to that which the client has retained the attorney to do.


By unbundling the array of services often necessary to handle a case from start to finish, a litigant benefits from legal counsel while still participating in the case as he or she is capable. Litigants who might not be able to afford representation for their entire case may now benefit from legal advice and save a substantial amount of money on legal fees.


LAR is allowed in all divisions of the Probate and Family Court as of May 1, 2009. 


As with all legal services, you and your attorney will negotiate whether and how much you will pay her. I offer affordable rates and limited assistance representation. To set up a free consultation to discuss your case, contact Harriet Schechter, Attorney At Law, 781-721-4499 or email me at harriet@harrietschechterlaw.com.


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